While our paid media campaign team has been working with Level Infinite on PUBG Mobile since 2022, our social media and community team has been supporting the game’s social media presence since March 2023. Primary support focuses on social media management and strategy, video and static creative content production, and community activations.

Our focus is on providing engaging local content to grow the German and French audiences and keep them engaged with the game. To achieve this goal, we work on creative ideas that we implement across all platforms through high-quality video and static assets, adding a local flavor. We also quickly adapt global channel content into French and German so that it can go live at the same time – or as close as possible – as the global posts.

In addition, we plan and execute community activations, from initial idea generation and gameplay capture, to production of supporting assets and social posts, to prize fulfillment.

Since working with Level Infinite’s PUBG Mobile team, we have been able to:

  • Successfully launch and support the execution of the PUBG Mobile 5th Anniversary campaign with a total of 63 videos and even more static assets.
  • Support community management with a focus on channel growth and promoting new in-game content.
  • Deliver weekly local content native to all social media platforms.
  • Planned and executed PUBG Mobile’s Royale Madness activation to effectively engage the community with compelling content.

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